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About Ovim Recreations

Where are the beautiful parks that flood the developed societies in the under developed? Where are the museums that tell the stories of their heritage? Where can the families get away and relax at affordable prices? Why do only the developed countries take all the medals at the Olympics? Why do millions still eat from a thatch house instead of a restaurant? Why are community recreational venues only seen in movies by a huge portion of the word’s communities? In more ways than none, recreational development gap presents one of the biggest divides in global development. 

Ovim Recreations is a Development Channel company set apart for the development of sports, museums, holiday resorts, culture, community centres, parks and more  targeted at the bulk of the world’s most underdeveloped countries and communities. 

We employ the use of empathy driven planning and investments to create environments that are ideal for recreation and cost effective for use by the population. Our commitment to bridge the massive divide in recreational centres among the world’s most disadvantaged is not only unprecedented but also passionate and unrivalled.

A Development Channel Company

Registered in England and Wales
Reg.No.:12128824 Registered Address: 152-160 City Road London EC1V 2NX